About Us

The Mission

We’re dedicated to improving how people gain financial and investing knowledge by connecting them with expert content providers in personal finance and investing as well as qualified financial advisors. Amid a bewildering range of planning strategies, investment products, and shiny online services, our goal is to facilitate knowledge transfer to consumers and spark client relationships for advisors based on trust in the financial services industry.

Unique Attributes of Wealthbase

For Consumers

Brand Focus: We're differentiating Wealthbase by developing a multimedia network that's focused on delivering financial planning knowledge to help consumers make informed decisions.

For Financial Advisors

Qualified Engagements: Wealthbase matches advisors with consumers based on their preferences, expertise, practice focus, and availability to ensure appropriate engagements.

For Firms

Supervision: The supervisory controls of the Enterprise Edition allows investment firms and broker-dealers manage their team's compliant use on the Wealthbase network.

For Financial Publishers & Bloggers

Contextual Ads: "Questionable content" has new meaning for bloggers and financial media affiliates with Wealthbase's native advertising offerings embedded in their editorial content.

The Team

Wealthbase is designed, developed and operated by Starburst Labs, Inc. based in the SoHo district of New York City. Our experienced team is skilled in modern design, development, and operational practices in software-as-a-service ventures.

The Starburst Labs team is led by John Rourke, CEO and Dan Ferranti, CTO who in the last five years have started three venture capital-backed internet companies together in fin-tech and social media marketing. For more information about our company, please contact us.