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How it Works

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Trade stocks and ETFs with $100,000 in virtual cash. Track and compare returns.

Invest without fear.

Simulated trading on Wealthbase, also known as paper trading or virtual trading, is a great way to learn how to invest, risk-free. Pick stocks and ETFs, track your portfolio, compare your returns, and share ideas with your friends. Invest to win, never lose a dime!

Wealthbase is currently in beta. We’re gathering feedback on this first version of simulated investing and we’ll soon be adding new trading and portfolio features as well as new asset classes like cryptos. We’re also developing a wider set of investing services on Wealthbase. Reserve your spot today for early access.

Common Questions

We’re developing an investing product to help consumers learn how to invest and build wealth. Our first feature in Wealthbase, simulated investing, lets people compete with friends in virtual stock market trading games while learning investing strategies and discovering new investments. Wealthbase is designed, developed, and operated by Starburst Labs, Inc.

With the beta release of Wealthbase, up to 15 of your friends can compete in a simulated investing game. Players must be invited by a “game creator”, who also participates in the game. (Get on the list to host your own game.) Each player starts with $100,000 in virtual cash to create a portfolio. To better simulate real-world, diversified investing, players can only invest up to 20% of their virtual cash portfolio in a single investment. Players can trade stocks and ETFs, track and compare their performance to other players and indexes, share investment rationales, and chat in the activity feed. During the beta, games are limited to 30 days. Longer, recurring, and “endless” games are coming after this beta phase. At this point you cannot win any prizes other than bragging rights and the thrill of victory, but stay tuned as we’re in discussions with sponsorship partners.

Our objective is to further improve the user experience of simulated investing on Wealthbase, and increase its educational value. Your feedback will be used to enhance the product as we add customized game options beyond this initial “standard” game in this beta release.

Yes, it's coming! We're developing it now and hope to have it out in April 2019. Until then, know that Wealthbase is fully "responsive" now to view on your phone via the web.

Coincident with enhancing simulated investing functionality, we’re on a development path of creating a suite of complementary investing services in Wealthbase, some in partnership with leading financial technology partners, to help consumers invest better. Integrating a user’s brokerage and 401k portfolios, applying risk analysis, creating motif portfolios, investing with new asset classes, engaging in communities about investing topics, and connecting with financial professionals about financial planning strategies and investment products are all planned features. (Learn more about partnerships.)

When logged in, the Wealthbase dashboard includes a "feedback" button at the top-right of the interface. Also, there's survey questionnaire at the bottom of the dashboard page. We encourage your suggestions and would love to hear which features you wish to see in subsequent version releases of Wealthbase.

In the news

Wealthbase is "the Robinhood of simulated trading."

About the Beta

We’re testing the first feature of Wealthbase - simulated investing - and seeking your input. Our objective is to enhance the user experience of virtual trading, increase its educational value, and hone our product roadmap to prioritize additional features and services.

Get early access to create simulated investing games