Private Club Game

Host a simulated trading game for your group

Players join your game

They start with $100,000 in virtual cash.

They create their portfolios

They’ll pick 5 or more investments to create a virtual portfolio.

Players trade to win!

They manage their portfolios and trade to win a reward from your brand!

Who hosts club games on Wealthbase?

Hobbyist Investing Clubs

Company-wide Contests

MBA Programs and Schools

Private Club Game Features

Club games on Wealthbase offer a great way to share, learn, and compete among your group through simulated stock, ETF, and crypto trading.


Custom game page and leaderboard

Members that you invite to your private game will visit a customized landing page that optionally features your club colors, logo, and title.


Activity feed

In the feed, your group can post ideas, share trades, and comment on simulated investing activity.


Daily emails

An email with game activity is sent each day and highlights market and player performance.


Game host moderation

Optionally, as the game host, you’re able to access your club game as a moderator, where you can manage players and share content in the feed.


Asset class selection

Select which asset classes your group wants to trade in the simulated trading game.


Real-time trading

Trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptos using live data and instant order processing to provide the most realistic trading experience for your club.


Email whitelisting

Make it easier for members of your club to join your private game by whitelisting email addresses and email domains.


Slack integration

For company-wide contests, content shared to the feed are automatically posted to a Slack channel to keep players in the loop.

Club Game Price:

Private game for your group

Customized game page

Customized game title

Custom daily emails

Game host moderation

Email whitelisting

Activity feed

Asset class selection

Real-time trading